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Kharkiv Aero Club launches international challenge in support for aviation


Kharkiv Aero Club named after V.S.Grizodubova continues to prepare for KharkivAviaFest-2020, in the framework of which an international airshow and exhibition of aircraft is planned. Our goal is the development of international aviation communications, an increase in the number of flights of small aircraft between different countries, interaction and exchange of experience.

During a difficult economic situation in the world, we understand that it will be difficult to realize all our plans. But today we want to support each other and are launching an international challenge. Everyone who is involved in the aviation industry can record their video, tell about themselves and the situation in your country. For now, we convey virtual greetings to our aviation friends around the world and look forward to meeting on August 29 and 30, 2020 at the aerodrome Korotych. We will adjust the concept of the festival in accordance with the situation in the world and in the country.

Join now! Tell us about yourself, it is important for us to know how you are going through this difficult time.