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How to get to the event


Many Kharkiv residents know that the Korotych aerodrome - is a place where small aircraft fly and parachutists jump, which is located on the way from Kharkov to Kiev, just 15 kilometers from the city.

It is convenient to get here from the metro station “Holodna Hora”: from the bus terminal by transport in the direction of Lubotin to the stop “New Korotych /” Korotich aerodrome”. Or by car - from the street. Poltavskiy Shlyakh we go along the highway M-03 (E-40), we pass the village of Pesochin, pos. Korotych, we move further to the sign “New Korotych”, turn right after the sign “New Korotych /” Korotych aerodrome ”- in front of the gas station.

The address of the Korotych aerodrome is: Solnechnaya St., 42, Korotych, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, 62455;
+38 057 781-00-10
+38 093 605-20-20
+38 066 879-20-20
+38 097 743-20-20

Special bus:

During the festival on August 28 and 29, 2021, it will be possible to get to the Korotych aerodrome with special vehicles.

From 9:30, buses with the KharkivAviaFest-2021 sign will run from the Pizzeria stop - the intersection of Kholodnogorskaya (former Elizarova) and Poltavsky Shlyakh St. to Korotych aerodrome (Novy Korotych / Korotych aerodrome stop near the gas station OKKO).

If you are a nonresident, and are going to get to Korotych aerodrome by personal transport, you can get to us from Kharkiv in the same way as described above. If you are moving along the Kiev highway (M-03 (E-40) in the direction of Kharkiv, you need to drive Lubotin to the sign "New Korotych", before the gas station "Lilia" at the intersection after the sign "New Korotych /” Korotych aerodrome” turn left.

For guests and tourists from other cities and countries there is the opportunity to get to Kharkiv using air, train, bus service.

Arriving at the airport, railway or bus station, you can use the city taxi services, which will take you to your chosen hotel or to the Korotych aerodrome.

Taxi services in Kharkiv

In Kharkiv and the vicinity of the Korotych aerodrome there is a choice of hotels of any categories. Advance booking is the key to your comfortable accommodation on the days of events at the Korotych aerodrome.

Stay nearby:


Nesterenky, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, 62447;
+38 067 578 5018

Staryi Lyubotyn

Poltavskyi Shlyah, 139, Lubotyn, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, 62433;
+38 050 402 5533


Polyovyj lane, 5, Pisochyn, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, 62418;
+38 097 709 9292


Poltavs'Kyj Shlyah Street 190/1, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61034;
+38 067 577 9049

For those who wish to fly their personal plane to our Korotych aerodrome, we provide the administrative and geographical data of the Korotych runway. The management of the Kharkiv flying club will assist in organizing a flight for all aviators guests. For this you need to contact us in advance. You can tell us about your desire to fly in Kharkiv with the help of he application for pilots.

The administrative and geographical data of the runway (landing strip) Korotych aerodrome:

The address of the Korotych aerodrome is: Solnechnaya St., 42, Korotych, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, 62455;

The location indicator: UKEK

“The Korotych” permanent runway is located 15 km west of Kharkiv

The control point of the ground has geographical coordinates:
N49°58`28``E036°00`50``, coordinate system WGS-84

It is located in the center of the runway

The absolute height = +120 m. T + 23 °C

Time Zone #II

Magnetic declination +7°

The work of the airfield for receiving, basing and sending aircrafts. The airfield receives and produces aircrafts with a meteorological minimum of 450x5. It provides takeoff and landing and basing of aircraft weighing up to 5700 kg.

Now the airfield is located in the NOTAM coverage area and borders the CTR of Kharkiv Airport “Osnova”, therefore, to make arrival and departure from our airfield, to carry out trainings and visual flights by any aircraft, an application must be submitted, including to the email address